Woodlets products are now Grown in Britain certified and accredited.

Woodlets’ forest supply chain has undergone rigorous testing by Grown in Britain at every stage. As of April 2024, it has earned certification confirming the use of UK timber.

Grown in Britain certification promotes and supports active and sustainable management of our forests and woodlands, while reducing unnecessary imports.

The United Kingdom imports around £7.8 billion worth of foreign timber annually disregarding the potential of our forests and woodlands. Only China imports more wood than the UK.

Woodlets prioritises sustainability and we have a unique approach that distinguishes ourselves from our competitors. We have the lowest CO2 emissions in the industry, and our products are traceable from start to finish, ensuring customers know exactly how they were produced. Read our parent company’s recent Auditel report.

What GROWN IN BRITAIN certifiED actually means

Grown in Britain is the only certification scheme that provides assurance of homegrown timber and timber products from the UK. Certification reduces unnecessary imports, by encouraging and supporting active and sustainable management of our own forests and woodlands.

Over recent years, there has been growing emphasis on the importance of ‘source’. People want to support the UK’s woods and forests by purchasing local timber products. Major construction companies, high street retailers and public authorities are demanding Grown in Britain products as part of their procurement policies.

Woodlets Grown in Britain

From now on, all Woodlets products will feature the Grown in Britain certification mark

This mark guarantees that the timber has been sustainably and legally grown in the UK, in compliance with the UK Government Timber Procurement Policy and the UK Forestry Standard.

‘The lowest carbon footprint in the business’

DID YOU KNOW… that we have a used-bag recycle scheme. We would rather not use plastic but while we seek out an alternative, we use recycled plastic and as long as it is recycled sensibly again we can give it a new life. Learn more here