Keep Woodlets bags out of landfill – two FREE ways to recycle…

Keep Woodlets bags out of landfill – two FREE ways to recycle…

25 June 2021

In our mission to keep Woodlets bags out of landfill and to help you recycle your plastic, Woodlets has come up with an easier used-bag recycling return scheme.

As well as our free, post-back service you can now drop off at your nearest DHL Service Point.

Fill it. Seal it. Send it.

1. Simply put as many used bags as you can into an empty Woodlets bag – you should be able to get around 80 bags into one single empty bag.

Keep Woodlets bags out of landfill

Tip: it’s best to lay 20 empty bags on top of one another and roll along the short edge with the opening at the top to allow air to escape.

2. Seal it with tape

3. Go to:

To use the new service, use the following information to complete the form:

  • Use any random order number (not 1234!)
  • Contents Value: please add a nominal amount – £1 will do!
  • Now search for your nearest DHL ServicePoint and select your location.
  • Download your barcode and print off at home.
  • Simply drop off your bag at your leisure.

If you live in a rural area there might not be a drop-off point for you yet – if so, please email: for your free recycling sack which you can fill and send back to us free of charge – see how here.

Rest assured that all of your bags will remain in the UK and not be sent to landfill. We use these to make into picnic tables, benches, planters, decking, feed troughs, dog kennels and much more useful stuff.

Keep Woodlets bags out of landfill

Made in Britain. 100% sustainable. NetZero.

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