Energy Guarantee

Energy Guarantee

Our focus on quality and sustainability allows us to offer you our Energy Guarantee.

For every tonne of pellets we deliver to your door, you can be confident that you will benefit from at least 4,800KWh per tonne of energy. Typically, a pallet of Woodlets will be £445 including delivery and 5% VAT (this may vary depending on geographical location) which translates into 9.3p/KWh.

To support our Energy Guarantee and our commitment to transparency we publish our monthly quality reports that have been verified by an independent laboratory in the Blog section of our website, where they can be reviewed at any time.

For bulk or blown deliveries of wood pellets please contact the Woodlets team on 01465 716025.

Biomass Thermostat

*All Woodlets come with our Energy Guarantee as standard. They are guaranteed to contain 4,800KWh per tonne as delivered to you. This means the amount of energy we deliver to your premises in pellet form before it is burnt in your boiler. The pellets are measured on a net calorific value (CV) basis by an independent laboratory using the industry standard burn test EN14961.

In the event that we fail to deliver our Energy Guarantee we will deliver to you, at no cost, additional Woodlets to make up the shortfall in energy.