About Woodlets

About Woodlets

Woodlets is Land Energy’s domestic brand of wood pellets

We have been manufacturing wood pellets in the UK for eight years and the last five years at our pelleting plant in Girvan, Ayrshire. We are a company that believes in sustainability, quality and service. These three core beliefs are the mainstays of our supply chain from the raw timber that enters our factory to the pellet delivered to your doorstep.

Without sustainability, we have no long-term business, therefore we have incorporated raw material, manufacturing and financial sustainability in to everything that we do, we believe that this ensure our customers a secure and sustainable supply of wood pellets for years to come.

We understand that we have one chance to demonstrate the quality of our wood pellets to you, which is why we ensure that every pallet that leaves our production plant exceeds the ENPlus A1 standard. We can maintain this exacting standard because we have embedded a rigorous quality system into our production process.

Our customer service team are a source of pride to us. Their knowledge, friendly and ‘can do’ approach to delivering your order on time means we are confident that purchasing Woodlets isn’t just a transaction but an enjoyable experience.

To delve deeper into who we are and what we do we would like to invite you to read on in further detail about our Energy Guarantee, Wood pellet quality, UK Product Plant and Delivery information.