Simpler Recycling – the way forwards

Simpler Recycling – the way forwards

30 November 2023

The UK government has unveiled plans for household recycling reforms aimed at enhancing rates and safeguarding the environment. These initiatives involve the introduction of Simpler Recycling, set to roll out between March 2025 and March 2027.

A new, simpler common-sense approach to recycling means people across England will be able to recycle the same materials putting an end to confusion over what can and can’t be recycled in different parts of the country by different councils.

The reforms will bring in a more convenient and practical system, while making sure all local authorities collect recyclable waste.

Simpler Recycling

The postcode lottery of what you can and and cannot put in your bin so that wherever you live in the country will end so you will be able to recycle the same products with confidence.

These ambitious plans will help every household, business, school and hospital in the country to recycle more. The new system will increase recycling in a way that makes recycling simpler and more effective.

This will help make the most of our precious resources, while reducing carbon emissions, protecting our precious environment from harmful waste.

The plans will help ensure that households benefit from frequent and comprehensive recycling collections wherever they live across England.

These new announcements move us several steps closer to turbo-boosting the country’s packaging recycling rates whilst enabling everyone to be super-confident when recycling at home.

The pace of UK recycling rates needs to quicken ensuring that packaging is designed to be reused, repaired or recycled.

IN THE MEANTIME – Our plastic is not rubbish!

While the government and local councils get their plans sorted – we have our own…

Our plastic is easy to recycle and has a lower carbon footprint than a lot of paper packaging. Woodlets uses wrapping that is made from 30% recycled plastic. By recycling this recycled plastic we can give it a new life!

Have you ever considered what to do with Woodlets packaging once you’ve used the pellets or briquettes? Unfortunately, if it’s not disposed of correctly, it will end up in landfill and contribute to the country’s growing waste problem.

Together, we can prevent this from happening and turn the bags into something useful.

By participating in our FREE recycling scheme, you can make a real difference by reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Our recycling process turns the bags into durable and practical items like picnic tables, benches, planters, dog kennels and animal shelters.

You are not only preventing the bags from ending up in landfill but also giving them a second life.

Join us today and help create a greener future for our planet. By recycling your Woodlets bags, we can make a significant impact on the environment and move towards a more sustainable future.

  1. Pack your old bags into one used bag
  2. Download your own barcode
  3. Drop it off at your local drop-off point

Use this link to recycle your Woodlets packaging: