The Advantage of Wood Briquettes

The Advantage of Wood Briquettes

26 January 2024

Embracing Sustainability – the Advantage of Wood Briquettes

Sustainable choices have become paramount in our lives in a world increasingly conscious of its environmental impact. When it comes to heating our homes, the shift towards eco-friendly alternatives is more crucial than ever. One such innovative solution is Woodlets Briquettes, which are proving to be a game-changer in the heating world. Here we explore the benefits of choosing Woodlets Briquettes over traditional logs.

100% Sustainable

Woodlets Briquettes are a 100% sustainable energy source. Our heat logs are made from rejected logs from sawmills and the ‘lop and top’ from the forestry floor, utilising virgin timber that would otherwise go to waste. By choosing Woodlets Briquettes, you also contribute to replanting millions of trees annually and support a circular economy that minimises environmental impact.

Homegrown and Produced in the UK

Supporting local industry and the community is a critical element of sustainable living. Woodlets Briquettes are not only grown within 60 miles of the factory but they are also produced entirely in Scotland. This minimises the carbon footprint associated with transportation, promoting sustainability while boosting the local economy.

Ready to Burn Compliant

Woodlets Briquettes are Clean Air Act compliant and carry the ‘Ready to Burn’ badge, ensuring our production and use meet stringent environmental standards. The briquettes boast ultra-low emissions, contributing to better air quality and minimising the environmental impact of traditional heating methods. The briquettes are perfectly seasoned and have less than 10% moisture content for efficient combustion and a clean-conscious burn. Enjoy the convenience of instant, cosy heat without the need for additional drying.

High Energy Guarantee

Woodlets Briquette

Think of a Woodlets Briquette as a block of concentrated energy, guaranteeing 4800kWh/t of heat. This is three times hotter than softwood logs, ensuring a more efficient and powerful heat output. They also have up to 4 hours of burning time, double the length of a traditional log. Not only does this enhance the warmth in your living space, but it also contributes to cost savings.

Low Ash Content

Burning woodlets briquettesTraditional logs often leave significant ash residue, requiring frequent cleaning and maintenance. Woodlets Briquettes, on the other hand, boast a low ash content, reducing the time and effort needed for up-keep. This makes them ideal for a cleaner and more convenient heating solution.


Woodlets Briquettes are manufactured with a focus on cleanliness. The chipped and compressed nature of the briquettes results in zero dust production – unlike sawdust briquettes – ensuring a healthier indoor environment. Say goodbye to the mess associated with handling traditional logs and embrace the cleanliness of Woodlets Briquettes.

The Advantage of Wood Briquettes

The benefits of using sustainable Woodlets Briquettes go beyond traditional logs. We are committed to sustainability and local production, guaranteeing high energy and low environmental impact. By switching to Woodlets Briquettes, you improve the efficiency of your heating and contribute to building a more sustainable and environmentally friendly future.

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