Sustainable Wood Briquettes

Sustainable Wood Briquettes

12 October 2023

Sustainable tree planting for timber production involves growing and managing trees in a manner that ensures a consistent supply of high-quality timber while preserving the health and functionality of the forest ecosystem. As manufacturers of Wood Briquettes, this is high on our list of importance.

All the wood sourced for our wood briquettes is carefully selected from sustainable forests within a 60-mile radius of our factory. These forests adhere to sound ‘silviculture’ practices, including proper spacing, pruning, and thinning, to optimise timber growth and quality while minimising adverse environmental impacts.

Our forests are meticulously managed, ensuring that the harvesting rate does not surpass the forest’s natural ability to regenerate.


The wood used for our briquettes adheres to recognised sustainable forestry certification standards, such as Forest Stewardship Council (FSC®) certification, guaranteeing responsible forest management and the legality of timber production.

Continuous monitoring of the forests, assessing their health, growth and the impacts of timber harvesting, is a testament to our dedication to long-term sustainability. We firmly believe that sustainable timber tree planting is essential to meet the demand for timber products while preserving forest ecosystems, and promoting biodiversity thus supporting local communities and the planet.

Cultivating and utilising sustainable wood is a crucial step in addressing the climate crisis. To achieve a sustainable future, increasing the use of wood to substitute fossil fuels is essential. When responsibly managing feedstock sources, as is already done by the UK and Western European biomass industry through efficient and dependable supply chains, biomass demonstrates its capability to offset over 90% of emitted carbon compared to fossil fuels.

Trees play a crucial role in sequestering carbon, making them valuable in mitigating the impacts of climate change. We uphold responsible practices by ensuring that no trees are cut down specifically for Woodlets Briquettes. Instead, we use logs rejected by the sawmill sector – promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

We don’t cut down trees… we plant them!

Our wood briquettes and wood pellets are crafted from sustainable virgin softwood, sourced locally and following a 30-year production cycle. Adhering to forest sustainability laws in the UK, we replant every felled tree – around 6 million annually – contributing to the absorption of carbon and reaffirming our dedication to sustainable practices.

Consider a forest as you do a field of barley or wheat. Instead of an annual cycle, we operate on a 15-year rotation, consistently replenishing the forest as it undergoes harvesting.

Woodlets Briquettes are an eco-friendly, low-carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels, embodying our commitment to green energy and sustainable fuel options. Our operations are efficient and self-sufficient, reflecting our dedication to sustainable practices and reducing our environmental footprint.

Our wood Briquettes are accredited

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Ready to Burn certification guarantees Woodlets’ Briquettes high quality, clean burning attributes.

Woodlets Briquettes carry the only globally recognised Certification Mark for Sustainability for being part of UNESCO’s Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere Reserve which is recognised internationally as a world-class environment for people and nature.

Our team comprises highly skilled biomass experts from the UK. With the aid of our state-of-the-art Combined Heat and Power plant, our production facility operates independently, ensuring self-sufficiency. Our processes are incredibly efficient, enabling us to contribute excess electricity to the national grid year-round.