Woodlets – flaming good wood pellets!

Woodlets – flaming good wood pellets!

08 May 2018

Woodlet wood pellets are made by heat treating wood and compressing it to form a pellet using natural resins. Wood pellets are an eco-friendly, low carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels eg coal, gas and oil. As a source of renewable energy, they provide the ultimate, sustainable, high quality and price-stable fuel.

Woodlets wood pellets
Woodlets wood pellets

Our Woodlets wood pellets have ENPlus A1 certification as standard.

The ENPlus A1 Certificate is a European-wide quality standard. This standard guarantees that the wood pellets meet certain minimum performance parameters such as calorific value (CV) and ash content.

Woodlets’ parent company Land Energy is BSL registered – so your RHI payments are safe with us!

Woodlets are made from virgin timber locally-sourced within a 100-mile radius of our factory in Girvan on the west coast of Scotland. We never use by-products or secondhand wood during manufacture.

When you open a bag of Woodlets they will have a fresh piney smell. Visually there will be:

  • No dust
  • No small fragments
  • A uniform length
  • A consistent colour
  • No contaminates
  • No clumps


The best pellets burn cleanly, produce more heat and less ash than poorer quality wood pellets.

By buying inferior quality wood pellets your boiler will run less efficiently creating excess soot. As a result, servicing will cost you more.

Woodlets is the UK’s leading brand of super premium grade wood pellets and the only one to offer an Energy Guarantee* of 4800 KWh per tonne which works out at a cost of 5.6p/KWh* throughout most of the UK.

Woodlets can be safely used in boilers and stoves – even pizza ovens! And by using a pellet basket you can heat your home using Woodlets in an existing fireplace.