The winner of the 15kg pallet of Woodlets receives his prize

The winner of the 15kg pallet of Woodlets receives his prize

31 October 2017

Earlier this month we ran a competition to win a pallet of our newly introduced 15kg bags of Woodlets.  The competition was won by Alan and Carole New. We delivered Alan’s pallet to him yesterday and below is the brief note we received from them.

Woodlets: Seeing the wood for the trees

We were surprised and delighted to win a pallet of the new 15kg bags of Woodlets.  Thank you so much.

We chose Woodlets for our first delivery of pellets for our new boiler in 2015.  They were excellent but we decided to try other brands to compare with Woodlets as we were new to biomass. Having tried several Eastern European brands and another British brand of pellets we came back to Woodlets as the best we’d used.  We decided it’s important to us to support a sustainable British industry producing a high quality product.  And we like buying directly from the manufacturer and having a relationship with the source of our pellets.

Making an effort in our very small way to mitigate climate change is important to us too. That’s why we chose biomass to heat our home.  Fortunately that’s turning out better than our choice of an ‘environmentally friendly’ diesel car! We love using a fuel that we can touch, handle safely and smells only of wood.  Now it comes in a choice of bag sizes; even better.

Thank you Woodlets (and Land Energy) for providing a sustainable, environmentally friendly product to heat our home that helps us to help the planet in a tiny but important way.  Now if we can just find an affordable way to drive sustainably too!

Alan New 15kg bag comp_edited

Alan and Carole New

If you would like to try a pallet of our 15kg Woodlets please go to to order a pallet, alternatively take a spin around our web site and check out our sustainable manufacturing ethos at our UK plant.