Alternative uses for Wood Pellets

Alternative uses for Wood Pellets

19 September 2017

Wood pellets – more than just fuel for your biomass boiler.

Wood pellets are truly versatile, not only can they heat your home when used in a biomass boiler, they can also be used in a number of different applications around your home.

Fire pits, patio heaters and pizza ovens

One of the most obvious use of pellets is on a summer evening in your patio heater or fire pit. Here they work just as well as they do in your biomass boiler, giving out lots of heat and at the same time minimal ash to empty in the morning.

If you are a foodie and have included a pizza oven within your outdoor entertaining space, wood pellets are great for cooking with. However, the question that is often asked is ‘Are wood pellets safe to cook with? In short, yes; Woodlets wood pellets make an excellent energy source for cooking because of the production process and the raw materials that are used.

In brief, the wood fibre that is used in Woodlets is all softwood, grown in South West Scotland in sustainable forests. The pellets are made from 100% softwood, with no additives or contamination (chemicals/plastics, etc). The production process involves removing the bark, chipping, drying (45 mins @ 90°C) and then mechanically compressing the sawdust under high temperature and pressure (with steam injection).  The process is entirely enclosed from start to finish and at no point does the product encounter the ground or human-hand. Essentially using Woodlets is no different to using wood but without the chopping!

Potash for your garden

Not only are wood pellets useful around your home but the waste ash that they produce in your biomass boiler can be used as potash in your garden.  The residue from wood pellets is a great source of lime and potassium as well as other trace elements that can enrich your soil. However, they are alkaline and you need to be aware of your soil’s pH to ensure you get the balance right for the plants you wish to grow.

The wood pellet ash can either be added to your compost heap or directly to your garden. For more information read our blog ‘What can I do with the ash from my Wood Pellets’.

To find out more about how you can purchase your next batch of wood pellets for your biomass boiler or otherwise, head to our Buy Wood Pellets page here. If you would like to make an enquiry or have a question about Woodlets, then use our contact page here.