The proof of the pellet is in the heating…

The proof of the pellet is in the heating…

24 November 2016

There is no truer saying than the proof of the pudding is in the eating or as we prefer, the proof of the pellet is in the heating, our take on an old classic.  It is very apt as, until now, you wouldn’t know how good a pellet was until you used it.  The Woodlets team want to change this with our Energy Guarantee. This is where we guarantee that when you purchase a pallet of Woodlets, what you get is at least 4,800 kilowatt hours (KWh) of energy (or calorific value (CV) per tonne


The reason we can offer this guarantee with confidence is that over eight years of UK pellet manufacturing we have refined our production processes and embedded a robust quality testing system so we know that all our Woodlets can provide you with this much energy.

To support our energy guarantee and to provide transparency, we publish our monthly quality audit reports within the blog section of our web site. The report covers a range of parameters including the CV, moisture and ash content of the latest batch of Woodlets.  Tests are independently performed by Alfred H Knight’s, a global player in laboratory analysis (check them out here :

While our pellets do carry a higher price than many, what we offer is great value per Kilowatt hour. Typically, a pallet of Woodlets will be £252.00 including delivery and 5% VAT (this may vary depending on geographical location) which translates into 5.25p/KWh. Do you know how much each Kilowatt hour is currently costing you?  If you have been persuaded to buy those super-cheap pellets, do ask your supplier how many KWh are in the bag and then to back up the claim with a lab report.

Apart from a warm home for just 5.25p/KWh, what are the other benefits to using Woodlets?  Ask our competitors about their average ash content – Woodlets consistently achieves <0.2%, which means less boiler fouling and cleaning and better overall system efficiency –  you’ll notice it most  when you come to empty the ash draw, with Woodlets , we expect on average less than three times a year.

When you are using Woodlets you can also be certain of their sustainability; the timber we use comes from UK sustainable forests, operating under FSC® and Forestry Standard rules and our manufacturing plant in Girvan, Scotland is powered by a biomass combined heat & power unit, meaning that Woodlets have the lowest carbon footprint of any wood pellet.

So with Woodlets, you are guaranteed 4,800 KWh per tonne, a kilowatt hour of heat for 5.25p, less filling and emptying of your boiler and lastly, but by no means least, a low carbon, UK manufactured, wood pellet. What’s not to like?