Bagged Wood Pellets

Bagged Wood Pellets

15 February 2021

Woodlets bagged wood pellets are made from sustainable virgin wood. We use original timber – either spruce or pine from Scottish forests. Our trees are all locally-sourced from sustainably managed forests, all within 60 miles of the Woodlets factory, and they are all accredited by the Forest Stewardship Council.  No waste or recycled wood is used in the manufacturing process of Woodlets.

Woodlets provide an ideal solution for a smaller heating system and are ideal as an emergency back-up.

Our bagged wood pellets are ENplus A1 standard accredited –  a ‘quality guarantee’ ensuring clean combustion and excellent heat value. They are also registered on the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) and are eligible for Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) repayments. Woodlets are the most calorific bagged wood pellets in the UK market.

Wood pellets are a compressed form of woody biomass used as an eco-friendly, low carbon alternative to traditional fossil fuels. As a source of renewable energy wood pellets provide the ultimate, sustainable, high quality fuel. Woodlets are made by using natural tree resins as binders – called lignin.

The ENPlus A1 certification and the BSL sustainability authorisation attached to our bagged wood pellets guarantees their high quality and sustainability.

Woodlets employ some of the most experienced biomass experts in the UK and thanks to our advanced Combined Heat and Power plant, our production site is self-sufficient. Our operations are so efficient that we put surplus electricity back into the national grid throughout the year.

10kg or 15kg bagged wood pellets

Woodlets conform to the highest quality standards in the market, and have an extremely low moisture and ash content, making them ideal for use on wood pellet boilers and stoves – you can even use them in your pizza ovens! They are supplied in easy to handle 10kg or 15kg bags which means they’re easier to store wherever you like.

Bagged wood pellets can be delivered directly to your home or business as a next day or economy delivery. Our impeccable service, fast delivery and quality is unrivalled.

We deliver nationwide across the UK  – we have you covered wherever you are!