2019 is looking really good for biomass…

2019 is looking really good for biomass…

14 March 2019

The Government’s Clean Air Strategy launched in January threatened to devalue the reputation of the biomass industry.  Questions raised about how ‘green’ biomass really is came to the forefront of discussion.

But 2019 is looking good for biomass. In February, the Renewable Energy Association announced that rather than wait for the Government’s long overdue Bioenergy Review, it would launch its own Bioenergy Strategy.

Major biomass industry bodies, the Wood Heat Association and the UK Wood Pellet Council, joined forces to host Wood Heat 2019, a joint conference to look work more closely at working together in the future. Woodlets’ own Hugh Montgomery faced questions from the floor on Fuel, Meet Fire  – part of an expert panel.

And as the Government looks to find answers to the growing issue of heat decarbonisation, biomass is waiting in the wings. Proven world-renowned technology could help deliver on our renewable heat targets.

Biomass across Europe has been deployed at scale to help countries meet, and exceed heat targets. In order for the UK to succeed, there needs to be financial incentives and policy framework in place to replicate the success of our European counterparts. Increased funding would only be good for biomass.

The main challenge facing biomass is that the current financial incentive, the RHI, will close to new entrants in 2021, and the uncertainty this is creating could have negative repercussions throughout the industry and its supply chain.

Whilst biomass faces a number of challenges, it is good to see those with a stake in the biomass market come together to provide a clear industry voice. Never has there been a more important time to share good practice and focus on the positive benefits of sustainable and renewable biomass heat and combined heat and power (CHP).

Meanwhile, here at Woodlets, we continue to strive to make the best wood pellet on the market and February’s monthly report shows that we are bang on target.

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