Find the best wood pellets right here…

Find the best wood pellets right here…

06 February 2019

The Best Wood Pellets are right here…

The best wood pellets – Woodlets burn cleanly, produce more heat and less ash than poorer quality wood pellets.

Inferior pellets could make your boiler run less efficiently and cause ‘sooting up’ and clinkers (lumps or modules). These choke your boiler causing it to stall and will mean more regular servicing – costing you money.

So how do you know what a high quality wood pellet looks like and what are the additional things you need to consider?

Some wood pellet producers (and cheap, imported pellets) will add fillers and binding agents to their pellets in order to bulk them out to increase profits at your expense. There are many things that can be added to pellets but some common additives are glue, cardboard, paper, ink and bark.

These rogue additives stop wood burning efficiently which means more ash and even creosote (if the pellets include bark) that will clog up your appliance. The outcome is, you will have to empty the ash more often which takes up more of your time, and you’ll have to service your boiler more often – you may even invalidate your warranty.

Ask your boiler supplier what grade of pellets they recommend. In the EU, boiler manufacturers will typically state that you should only burn ‘ENPlus’ pellets in order to maintain warranties.

Read more about ENPlus here

Best wood pellets
Best wood pellets

The best wood pellets contain minimal dust, no binding agents, little moisture and are 100% wood.

Rest assured that by buying Woodlets you will be buying the best wood pellet on the market and we are on the Biomass Suppliers list if you intend to claim the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Woodlets – flamin’ good pellets!

See the latest pellet sample report. All the numbers are absolutely textbook: 359267 Woodlets Wood Pellets