Wood pellet analysis report – November 2018

Wood pellet analysis report – November 2018

11 December 2018

What to look for in a wood pellet analysis report.

Every month, Knight Energy Services analyse Woodlets and give us an independent quality report testing against global standards.

As usual, the report shows that our Ash Content and the Mechanical Durability are top-quality. We pride ourselves on consistent pellet production.

As we have consistently demonstrated, November’s ash content is exceptionally low which confirms that Woodlets are extremely clean-burning offering maximum efficiency with minimum wear-and-tear on your boiler. The ENplus A1 pellet standard stipulates a figure no greater than 0.7% and here we are at 0.1% – that’s seven times better than the standard!

Our Mechanical Density figure is in at 99.2%. The standard is anything over 98.5% but not 100%. Here we are – spot on – meaning that your Woodlet pellet is perfectly formed, very well put together but not rock hard. What more could you possibly want?

Download a copy of Woodlets report November 18.

Woodlets – flamin’ good pellets – buy now!