Quality control – April 2018 analysis certificate

Quality control – April 2018 analysis certificate

08 May 2018

Here at Woodlets we pride ourselves on delivering high quality wood pellets when you want them, but how can you confirm their quality?

There are a number of wood pellet quality standards in use around the world but ENPlus is the leading standard.  Most boiler manufacturers insist that you use ENPlus pellets to keep your warranty intact.

So what is ENPlus and what does it mean?

The ENPlus standard is administered by the UK Pellet Council and adheres to the European standard EN 14961-2.   The standard sets out specific quality and performance criteria that the pellets need to meet to enable them to carry the ENPlus logo.

In all, there are 22 quality requirements that quality wood pellets must comply with. These include the physical properties of the pellet such as bulk density (measured in Kg/m3) and fines (small or broken pellets) and sets out parameters for moisture and as well as the maximum levels of trace elements such as sulphur, chlorine, copper, lead and mercury.

Critically, it includes a minimum net calorific value, which is the measure of the amount of energy you are buying and a maximum ash content, to ensure that once the pellets have been through your boiler you are left with the smallest possible amount of ash to dispose of.

It also sets limits for additives such as binding agents which make the pellets stick together.  Woodlets do not contain any additives as they are potentially damaging to your boiler.

Below is our newest quality wood pellet report up to the end of April 2018.

Have a read and see that Woodlets are flaming good pellets!

woodlets analysis April 2018 1

woodlets analysis April 2018 2