Introducing our new 15kg bag of Woodlets wood pellets

Introducing our new 15kg bag of Woodlets wood pellets

05 October 2017

The decision to introduce another size of bag of Woodlets wood pellets was driven by the desire to offer our customers choice and to allow them to select a bag size that they found easy to lift and store.

After listening to our customers thoughts and opinions on bag sizes earlier this year, we have decided to introduce a 15kg bag to the Woodlets range. However, please don’t panic if you love the 10Kg bags, they are still the main stay of our range and will remain with us.

Why did we decide to launch a 15kg bag rather than an 18kg, 20kg or 25kg bag of wood pellets?  

Through our research we discovered that the practicalities, ease of lifting and moving wood pellet bags were a very real concern and a big consideration when selecting a wood pellet supplier.  After all, it’s no use having great pellets to go into your pellet boiler if you have difficulty in filling your hopper or just dread doing the job. Life’s too short to make problems for yourself!

While a proportion of our customers, 32%, chose the 20kg option and a small number requested a 25kg bag, the overwhelming majority of 66% requested the 15kg bag.  Combining this level of interest with the results of our research into safe lifting limits and manual handling which we felt were an important consideration, the 15kg bag became the clear choice. The research also confirmed just how important the 10kg bag is to many of you.

We are aware that with larger sizes there is often an expectation of cost saving, particularly in packaging, but we have found by weighing the bags that in fact both the 10kg & 15kg pallets use 3.9kg of plastic. However, you can be assured that the wood pellets in the bag are the same as ever, UK grown, UK manufactured, traceable and sustainable.

Please view our August quality report below.

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